The Lake Mills Leader has been our community’s trusted news source for 141 years. Today we are sharing stories with you about a favorite local business closing and a new business opening in our community, the progress of the new football field and fundraiser to remember a local hero.

We enjoy writing feature stories on interesting local people and businesses, our schools and more. We take our role as government watchdog seriously and have covered the news of Sandy Beach, Daybreak Foods expansion and other topics of importance to the citizens of Lake Mills.

Here at the Leader we work hard to bring you something new and fresh each week, but we don’t just put out a weekly paper. We are in the office each day writing and putting stories on our website as soon as they are written. We may have a weekly paper, but we have a daily website.

Just like the businesses we write about each week, we too are a business and it costs money to put out a quality, award-winning local product. Last year our employees were recognized for excellence by the Wisconsin Newspaper Association. We are farm to table, but with news. We write about your community, in your community.

That’s why, starting Oct. 1, the Lake Mills Leader is moving to a subscription-based model for our online content, just as we always have had for our print newspaper.

Current print subscribers will receive total access to our digital products at no extra charge, that includes our expanded website. Paid subscribers need to simply register on our website with a username and password.

Readers who are out of town, live outside our regular distribution area or just prefer to read their news online can subscribe to a digital-only subscription for just $3 a month.

This month people who go to our website are being asked to create an account. News content is free through Sept. 30.

Social media can be a friend to newspapers, but we are still learning how to best use that tool. We will continue to adjust until we find the right balance of what to share on Facebook, and other social media however we can no longer afford to give our content away for free.

We believe our content has value to our community. It’s a value our print subscribers have been supporting for years since the Leader was founded in 1878 as the Spike by Allen G. Bernard.

Newspapers have changed over the decades, but one thing will always remain, dedicated local journalists working hard to write about the community they live in. That’s local journalism and it’s hard to put a price tag on that.

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