I have been personally fascinated with the Mamre Moravian Church along County Highway Q since starting this job last August.

For those of you who don’t know yet, I started my newspaper career at the Watertown Daily Times and live in the area that allowed me to drive by the church every day, sometimes multiple times a day. In that time there has been major work going on at the church. Construction workers from Lakeside Construction have been up high in the air on a large lift fixing the church steeple and doing roofing and other work.

From a photographer’s perspective I drove by daily thinking the beauty of the church deserved to be photographed for the paper, especially with the new work going on, but I felt the church was out of my coverage area at The Leader. Little did I know…

I never knew anything about the church (and didn’t know who to ask) until I received a call about a celebration happening for the 160th anniversary of the Mamre Moravian log church at the Aztalan Museum site. I didn’t know there was a connection between these buildings, but it was amazing to find out all this work happening at the little white church was connected with the log church at the Aztalan Historical Society. For the full story on the church see the June 6 Lake Mills Leader.

I also learned this week the project has other Lake Mills connections. I received a Letter to the Editor regarding Marvin Kirst’s work on the project of relocating the log church to Aztalan. It seems over the years Kirst’s work at the site has been overlooked a few times. See two letters printed below, one from 1999 shortly after the log church was dedicated in Aztalan and one from Irene Kirst last week.

It just goes to show there is always more to the story than what you can initially find out. I was only 11 years-old in 1999, so the relocating of historic log churches was not on my radar, but I’m glad to learn one more aspect of this fascinating project.

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