Lake Mills Centennial celebration

Dear Editor,

The recent article concerning activities on the Middle School Campus was very interesting and well researched.

There was a mention in the article of soldiers shooting there. They were members of the Grand Army of the Republic, an organization of Civil War veterans.

The most outstanding activity that occurred was the 1936 Centennial, with proclamations from President Franklin Roosevelt and Wisconsin Governor Phil La Follette, three days involved pageants, tribal dancing and parades.

The pageant was written by Ruth Strong, Etta Barfnecht and Marge Mills, detailing the history of 100 years in Lake Mils. There was a very large cast of residents in a variety of costumes.

Covered wagons were driven along the terraces with “pioneers,” including Mrs. W. Stetson, Mary Mills and Janice Crump. One of the wagons was driven by Russell Taylor.

Chief Yellow Thunder and his Ho-Chunk Tribe danced on the Campus and camped at the north end of Tyranena Park for several days. Presently, Ho-Chunk is establishing a “Yellow Thunder Memorial.”

Parades were held with many floats, bands and marching units. The queen’s court included a dance class in their pink tutus (Barbara Moore Petruska, Nancy Harwig Hein, Mary Mills Price, Charles Fischer and others).

I’m hoping there are some who remember!

Mary Mills Price

Lake Mills

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J. Quandt

Ruby Wilke Gerstner was the Centenniel Queen.

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