Reps don’t represent

Dear Editor:

I have grave concerns over the derogatory language and inflammatory tone by Rep. Barbara Dittrich, our newly-elected member of the State Assembly, in an opinion piece on the budget process (7/11/19). Calling Gov. Tony Evers “a dictator,” for instance, just for exercising veto authority, is hardly the kind of unifying civil discourse that this elected official pledged to model during the campaign.

In fact, the biennial budget recently signed into law represents enormous compromise, discipline, and fidelity on the part of our executive leadership. Gov. Evers held listening sessions across the state to craft a plan that meets the challenges of today’s economy. Across counties, the priorities are clear: healthy communities, public safety, support for kids, and affordable health care. Regardless, the Republican budget eradicated lead-pipe clean water funding, reversed their 2/3 campaign education funding promise, and once again denied health insurance for low-wage working families by turning back the Medicaid expansion.

The 2019-21 budget process was a first and crucial instance of how our legislature will work with the new team in the Governor’s office. Let’s hope that the office of Rep. Dittrich will refrain from resorting to name calling in the future.

I am incredibly frustrated that our representatives are not representing the best of who we are, the truth, and investments we all want in our great district. I believe in our amazing communities and neighbors and look forward to electing representatives locally and nationally who demonstrate these qualities.

Melissa Winker


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