The Lake Mills Town Board approved the ATV/UTV ordinance Tuesday, Sept. 10 after a public hearing with a 2-1 with Town Chair Hope Oostdik voting no.

Various community members said they were concerned about the safety of UTVs/ATVs on roads.

“Shorewood Hills Road should not be considered as an approved route,” said Kerry Denson. “The primary reason is safety. The road does not have a shoulder.”

He also sighted blind curves on the road and noise issues.

Denson suggested an exception for those who live on the Shorewood Hills Road who want to get to the ATV route.

Others sighted wanting to use ATVs for transportation to and from work and farms.

Kurt Orcutt said he is an avid ATV rider.

“I brought this to the board and I use it for farm use and safety is a concern. We don’t want anyone to be injured by this,” he said. “The ATV by law has to follow the same rules as a car so there should be no passing or anything like that,” referring to potential issues on Shorewood Hills Road.

“The rates of fatalities on UTVs and ATVs is lower than that of other vehicles compared to registrations,” Orcutt said.

“I do not believe I can support this ordinance,” said Hope Oostdik. “I don’t believe these vehicles are designed to be operated on our roadways. The design, the tires, the center of gravity, and the safety speak loudly.”

She was also concerned about the complaints the town will receive from the ordinance.

Jim Heinz, supervisor, said the reason the ordinance is for all roads is to simplify signage for the ATV Club.

He also said right now ATVs would have no way to get to Shorewood Hills Road because they are not permitted to operate on county roads.

“If it would become an issue later on we could put a sign up on each end,” Heinz said.

He also mentioned the Town’s ordinance is stricter than what the state requires.

In other business:

— Approved the final draft of the snowplowing contract with Forest Landscaping and Construction.

— Approved rezoning and conditional use permit for Chandler White at N7008 Rock Lake Rd.

— Approved special events for Tyranena Brewing Company on Sept. 28 and Nov. 2.

— Set a date for the road tour Sept. 19.

— Accepted a loan from the Board of Commissioners of Public Lands for $369,000 for financing road work.

— Were informed of a judgement against the township by the Jefferson County Drainage District.

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