The Lake Mills City Council approved the 2020 general fund and capital budgets Tuesday night with no comment offered from the public.

The total revenues and expenditures in the general fund budget for 2020 are $5,294,400, a 0.3% increase from last year. Total debt service expenses and revenues are $1,788,400, a 13.45% increase over 2019. The general property tax levy is $2,502,800, a .49% decrease from the previous year. The grand total is $4,291,200, a 4.88% increase from last year.

The total revenues and expenditures for the 2020 capital budget are $2,814,500. The tax levy will be $161,100 for capital purposes on all taxable property in the city.

The council granted The Parlor Collective, a Class A liquor and Class A beer license for the business located at 807 Elm St.

The Parlor Collective is the city’s first brick and mortar provider of CBD products. According the company’s website the business provides professional tanning and legitimate third party verified CBD products.

The council heard the annual energy update from WPPI Energy CEO Mike Peters. WPPI has 51 members in three states and 200,000 customers, including Lake Mills.

“Just as your retirement portfolio wouldn’t have all your investments in one stock, we look at our power supply portfolio the same way. We don’t want everything in one power supply unit or fuel source,” Peters said. “We are not 100% coal, 100% nuclear, 100% natural gas, we have a pretty diverse mix.”

He also discussed some new renewable energy sources including the Bishop Hill Wind Energy Center, which started producing 132 megawatts in June 2018 and is projected to lower WPPI’s costs over the long term.

The company is also working on developing a solar farm that will be online in 2021.

The board approved the 2020 utilities budget: Water Utility revenues, $1,499,958 and expenditures $1,571,167; Electric Utility revenues, $8,138,900 and expenditures $7,708,662. Wastewater revenues $1,986,062 and expenditures $1,907,313.

The total 2020 utilities budget revenues are $11,624,920 and expenditures of $11,187,142.

“It looks like we will be a little in the red for the water utility,” Council Vice President Mike Foster said.

Because of the Water Utility budget Lake and Reed street projects will be delayed a year.

In other business the council:

— Approved the ordinance for the annexation of the Untz parcel, a 19.91-acre plot within the boundaries of the town of Lake Mills. The parcel is zoned agricultural but will be classified residential for future development. The property is within the city’s sanitary sewer service area and utilities will be extended to the property at the completion of the South Main Street reconstruction.

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