K9 Officer Truman

They are man’s best friend and, in this case, willing to lay down their lives to keep police officers safe. K9 Truman was sworn in on Nov. 4

It’s been a busy first month for Lake Mills first K9 officer. Since Oct. 19, Truman has been deployed on the streets 17 times., according to Lt. Brandon Cedarwall of the Lake Mills Police Department, who oversees the K9 program.

Police say the dog has proven himself as a capable drug dog in the last month. He has also been deployed into buildings with active burglar alarms.

“By sending him in first the officers can remain in a safe location,” said Lake Mills Police Chief Mick Selck. “Brave dogs like Truman help save police officers from injury or death every year in the U.S. We are proud to have him as part of our team.”

Truman’s partnership with his handler, Officer TJ Adams had really developed Selck said. The dog is also very smart and friendly.

“As the handler and K9 grow as a team you will see them expanding their drug interdiction efforts. We will be working closely with the schools to keep drugs out of the hands of our youth,” Selck mentioned.

Truman has been used, “mostly for drug sniffs with some building searches, not all searches ended with drugs or positive alerts,” Cedarwall said.

They are doing constant training everyday with Truman, along with training with the countywide K9 team. They also recently participated in the Fort Atkinson Holiday Parade.

Truman has been deployed on several traffic stops where the officer smelled marijuana. Specifically, the dog was used for two stops in Lake Mills Nov. 15, one on North Main and Grant streets and the other near Main and Prospect streets where citations for drug were made.

Those incidents are still under investigation according to police, but according to the Police Beat, the person at Main and Grant streets, received a citation for operating with a suspended registration and operating with a controlled substance, as well as charges of possession of LSD, possessing a prescription without a prescription, THC, drug paraphernalia and possession with intent. The person at Main and Prospect streets was cited for operating after suspension, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and received a warning for speeding and a defective brake light and insurance.

Truman was used to search the inside of the vehicle when the officer smelled the drug, Cedarwall said of recent stops.

He said the dog has been deployed into buildings when alarms have been going off or when doors are open.

“Instead of the officer going in to clear the building, we’re able to call out to anyone that might be inside to exit advising them we have a K9 and will be deploying the dog in the building. Other officers responding can set up perimeter. After no response, TJ (Adams) deploys Truman and only Truman to search the building who will then alert to TJ by either barking or apprehending the suspect inside.”

Groups who would like to schedule a K9 demonstration or utilize the K9 in a drug-free workplace can contact Lt. Cedarwall at

“We look forward to the many cases he solves,” Selck said.

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