Dear Editor,

From June 22-25, parents, grandparents, school board members, administrators, educators, and local community members are participating in a Stand Up for Public Schools March from Palmyra to Madison.

Why are we marching? We’re marching because we believe that all children deserve an equally excellent public education and the Education Budget passed by the Joint Finance Committee does not begin to meet the needs of our students.

We’re marching 60 miles for 60% special education reimbursement so that all kids in all schools can thrive. The current reimbursement rate for special education (25%) is the worst in the nation for states that fund special ed like we do. We currently reimburse private voucher schools at the rate of 90%. Our public schools deserve, at the least, an increase to 60%.

We’re marching because the increase in per pupil spending in the 2019-20 budget is not a “historic investment.” The increase does not even keep pace with inflation.

We’re marching because there is no increase in spending for English Language Learners.

We’re marching because we believe our public schools are the heart of our communities and it’s our public responsibility to invest in them.

We’re marching because 860,000 Wisconsin students are counting on us.

You can learn more and register here:

Please join us to walk or cheer on marchers as we lace-up, stand-up and speak-up for Wisconsin children on June 22-25th during our march to the state capitol.

Sandy Whisler

Lake Mills

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