Water House Foods

After nearly 11 years in business Water House Foods, 132 E. Lake St., will close its doors at the end of the month.

One of the homes for farm to table foods in Lake Mills is closing.

After nearly 11 years in business Water House Foods, 132 E. Lake St., will close its doors at the end of the month.

Shawn and Rae Rediske have sold their business to American Family Insurance. Tyler Speth’s agency will be moving into the building at the beginning of August. The building American Family occupied is owned by Brad Glassel, former American Family Insurance agent in town.

“We hope to be operational by Aug. 1 at the new location,” Speth told the Leader. “We don’t want to continue to pay rent and we wanted to plant ourselves in the community and continue to give back.”

As for the building that currently houses Water House Foods he said they won’t change a lot and plan to rent out the kitchen to someone because it has its own entrance.

“It will be a good move for our customers with easier parking. It’s good for us, it allows us to have somewhere to operate out of for years to come.”

Glassel said he has a party interested in purchasing his building at 114 S. Main St., but that building has not been sold yet.

“We may be listing it soon if the interested party does not follow through,” he said.

The Rediskes said in a Facebook post, they are ready for some rest and relaxation after 11 years of hard work running the popular business in downtown Lake Mills.

Water House Foods crafted their foods with care and passion, the owners say on their website, using organic and local ingredients.

“For us, local is knowing our farmers and producers. It means healthier, tastier, better for our environment and our community. It means being responsible and accountable,” the website says.

Lisa Huber, who has been a fixture at the business for years, will be opening a coffee truck, which will run in the city in the near future.

“Lisa has been essential to making our shop run and we want to thank her more than we can express for her kind and bright soul and amazing hard work,” the couple said on Facebook.

They also thanked their cook Gail in the post.

The owners of Water House Foods did not respond to a request for comment prior to press time Tuesday.

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