He has the championship trophies in his basement, many found in janitor’s closets and discarded over time, anyplace they would fit.

“They have no place to put them at the high school,” said Steve Nass, former Lake Mills High School assistant football coach and local football historian. “We saved all the championship trophies. There were hundreds of trophies stuck in a couple of rooms that nobody wanted.”

Several years ago, many of the trophies were sold at Town and Country Days and Special Olympics bought many to repurpose.

“We saved all the championship trophies or any state trophies. They don’t have a big enough trophy case at the high school.”

“I found some in a janitor’s closet. I found one in a cupboard at the middle school before they tore that building down. Nobody else was taking care of them, so I had them all repaired, and they are sitting down in my basement waiting for the school to get a place to put them.”

Lake Mills High School has a trophy case, but it’s not big enough to hold all the trophies accumulated over the years.

Some of the trophies really look nice Nass said.

Nass, who is now an assistant football coach for Waterloo High School, played high school, college and semi-pro football, has been chronicling the history of Lake Mills football since the 100th season of football in Lake Mills.

“I have all the teams back to 1897 in a book,” Nass said.

In his research Nass was able to clear up a Lake Mills myth for the Leader. Was the team ever really called the “Hell Cats?”

“The F6F Hellcat was a World War II plane and that’s what they wanted to name it after and of course people thought that was just too risky, so they shortened it to the L-Cats.”

Before that they were known as the Golden Horde, Blue and Gold, Golden Horde again, The Gold and Golden Avalanche among other names.

“Who knows if those were nicknames or actually official.”

A lot of cleats have run the yards on the grass at

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