Dear Editor,

Our nation was founded on the self-evident truth that all are created equal. America’s greatness lies in the ongoing and perhaps never ending effort to achieve a society that reflects that truth. At the time that language was placed in the preamble to the Declaration of Independence with a quill pen, some of the signers owned slaves, and none of them were women.

The subsequent waves of immigration that fueled the expansion and growth of this country did not diminish its greatness, but ultimately made it better and stronger. The reality remains that for many then and now, the promise of America was and is not the reality of America, but our greatness comes from our continuous efforts to make it so. It is therefore disappointing to see columns like Rich Lowry’s recent diatribe against Representative Ilhan Omar published in this paper.

His condescending denial of her experience, and the like experience of those she was freely elected to represent in Congress is contrary to that American ideal. If anything displays contempt for that ideal it is Lowry’s treatment of the American ideal as something he and those who look and think like him have achieved, personally own, and risk losing to an “other”.

Pointing out where we are falling short, stating the truth that Lowry’s American experience is still not the experience of all Americans is not contemptuous of America. It is quintessentially American.

Michael C. Witt

Lake Mills

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