Elephant is Trump

Dear Editor,

I am incredibly outraged at the Rick Lowry column on Mike Bloomberg’s campaign. For a right wing talking head to lecture the Democrats on what is or what is not offensive, and how Bloomberg would hurt our democracy, all the while ignoring the enormous elephant in the room of Donald Trump, is unconscionable!

As a personal witness to presidential campaigns going back to Kennedy/Nixon no one comes close to the offensive campaign of Trump followed by a presidency that continued to take it to lower levels each succeeding day. Do you think Lowry said anything that any semiconscious voter does not know, or those that would need enlightening are going to get it from him! So what’s his purpose? Since there is no Democrat on the radar who could possibly match Trumps abuse, arrogance and debauchery, most are willing to go with whoever shows the best chance of defeating him.

The results of America continuing in this direction will be catastrophic. The disservice to democracy by Lowry, Belling and the like will be fueling the revolution. They need to lighten up or go away.

Mark Schneck


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