A car was stolen in Shorewood Hills last week, according to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

The car is identified as a 2007 Infinity FX 35 with a Wisconsin License plate of 372-TLA.

Lake Mills Police reported a theft attempt from a car on Fairway Court.

According to homeowners on the Lake Mills Community Network on Facebook a car mistakenly left unlocked in their driveway was gone through with a garage door opener and owner’s manual stolen. The homeowner’s garage door was found slightly open but nothing else was missing.

Lake Mills Police Chief Mick Selck told the Leader Monday, criminals were caught stealing from cars in Horicon within days of the vehicle entries in Lake Mills.

“They hit numerous communities over several counties. They were based out of Madison. We are checking to see if they were involved in our vehicle entries.”

Police say each car burglary case has had different nuances.

“One of our stolen vehicles was recovered in Madison and was processed for evidence. Another was stolen and abandon in Lake Mills the same night it was stolen. That vehicle was processed also,” Selck said. “We have some swabs we hope contain DNA from the suspects ready to go to the crime lab on those two recovered vehicles.”

The first two vehicles in the most recent rash of auto thefts have still not been recovered.

“It has been a very unusual few months for Lake Mills and numerous surrounding communities. I just cannot stress enough how important it is to lock up cars and garages and keep valuables out of sight.”

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