Wisconsin already led the nation in milk and cranberry production and NFL championships. Now the state can also boast it runs the most-cost-effective energy efficiency programs in the country. The state achieved the highest rate of energy savings per dollar spent, according to a federal study conducted by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

That top cost-effectiveness ranking is the cherry on top of a recent third-party evaluation of Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable resources program.

“The ranking is a testament to the amazing people who work at Focus on Energy and who constantly look for ways to help Wisconsinites save energy and money, while also positively contributing to the state’s economy,” said Focus on Energy Program Director Erinn Monroe-Nye. “We knew we had a cost-effective program, but it’s nice to know we are leading the other states.”

The study analyzed energy efficiency programs funded by utility customers that were implemented between 2009 and 2015, resulting in an analysis that compared programs in 41 states. The federal report put the cost of saved electricity for Wisconsin’s program administrator vat one cent per kilowatt-hour saved.

Third-party evaluator, Cadmus, noted the national ranking in its review of Focus on Energy programs. Cadmus compiled a 2018 evaluation as well as a quadrennial achievement report that looked at Focus on Energy program data from 2015-2018. Takeaways from the quadrennial report include:

• Small business participation increased 46%

• Rural residential participation increased 29%

• Savings from heating and cooling technology nearly tripled

• Accounted for 28,531,208 tons of avoided carbon dioxide (equivalent of taking six million cars off the road ).

Highlights from the 2018 annual evaluation of Focus on Energy include:

• More than $5 in benefits for every $1 invested

• First-year annual electricity savings of more than $90 million

• Participant satisfaction increased to 9.1 out of 10

• Increased participation in 13 of 16 core programs, with 128,885 residential participants and 6,135 nonresidential participants

“Focus on Energy provides great value for Wisconsin,” says Rebecca Valcq, Chair of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin. “Energy efficiency makes economic sense, creates new jobs, and is an important part of Governor Evers’ goal to make all electricity produced in the state carbon free by 2050. Focus on Energy has made Wisconsin a national leader in energy efficiency and we look forward to supporting its continued success.”

Focus on Energy is funded by 107 partnering utilities across the state, and customers of those utilities are eligible for the energy expertise and financial incentives Focus on Energy programs offer to Wisconsin homeowners, manufacturers, small business owners, farmers, municipalities and other groups.

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