A charge was dismissed Monday for a 24-year-old Lake Mills man arrested for possession of methamphetamine.

Bryce Krull was charged in June after being present at a Madison home that was raided by Madison Police SWAT team May 28.{p class=”p1”}{span class=”s1”}He said he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and that he is now rebuilding his life after having been judged by people in the community, and the press, without all the facts of the case.{/span}{p class=”p1”}{span class=”s1”}“I’d like to comment that I’m very grateful and humble having gone through this experience of being wrongfully accused,” he said. “I’m very disappointed in the community and the press. America was built on the fact that you are innocent until proven guilty.”{/span}{p class=”p1”}{span class=”s1”}Krull acknowledged, however, that the media was writing off of what they had as facts at the time.{/span}

The charge was dismissed by the prosecution in Dane County Court.

According to a criminal complaint, an undercover officer made arrangements to purchase methamphetamine from Tony Fountain, 24, of Madison, who’s residence on Gilbert Road in Madison was raided

The undercover officer purchased methamphetamine from Fountain three separate times. A search warrant was served at the Gilbert Road residence where Krull and Jeffrey Redington were also arrested. Redington faces a charge of maintaining a drug trafficking place.

Investigators found under Fountain’s bed in the residence a bag containing methamphetamine and a pill bottle containing 23 acetaminophen Oxycodone HCL pills and a bottle containing 20 Codeine pills were located.

The complaint stated, a pair of shoes in the residence, later identified as Krull’s, contained a toothbrush, syringes, a watch and a clear plastic gem pack containing methamphetamine. The gem pack found in Krull’s shoes tested positive for the presence of methamphetamine weighing 0.1 grams.

Fountain, 24, the primary target of the investigation, faces charges including three counts of delivery/manufacture of methamphetamine, possession with intent to deliver methamphetamine, schedule I and II narcotics, schedule IV drugs and non-narcotics and maintaining a drug trafficking place.{p class=”p1”}{span class=”s1”}Krull said he is very saddened that people prejudged the facts. He also said there was a lack of any evidence by the Dane County district attorney’s office in the case against him.{/span}{p class=”p1”}{span class=”s1”}“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I do realize that,” he said. “People judge before they know the whole story and that was the most difficult thing. I’m going to keep moving forward and keep looking forward.”{/span}

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