The Lake Mills Education Association asked the Lake Mills Board of Education to meet prior to them taking a vote on salary changes in October.

Brad Klotz, president of the association and middle school band teacher, spoke during public comment at the regular board of education meeting Monday. He said four years ago when the district adopted the compensation plan it was included the LMEA would be able to review it and make adjustments with the board.

“There is nothing adversarial about saying that our staff who spend careers serving our students deserve to retire with security and dignity. Nor in saying our mid-career educators should want to stay here to mentor out new hires and continue the great culture that we have here in Lake Mills,” Klotz said. “Our new teachers shouldn’t have to get a second job to make ends meet.”

Klotz went on to say in the district when there is a disagreement teachers and administrators sit down to work it out.

“We discuss policy and handbook changes with our administration and board. We improve learning in Lake Mills in positive and collaborative ways. Let’s continue that by opening a dialogue about teacher salary.”

The board heard an update from the schools including Lake Mills High School where High School Principal Cale Vogel announced Advanced Placement scores from last school year.

“We’ve been on the AP Honor Roll for the last four consecutive years. We have consistently had 70% or better passage rate on those exams,” he said.

Participation at the high school went up by three tests. AP Biology had a 70% passage rate, AP Literature had a 100% passage rate, AP Calculus 87% passage rage, AP Government 57% passage rate and AP US History with a 71% passage rate.

Five other AP tests were also given at the school including; AP Psychology, AP Calculus BC, AP Environmental Science and AP Computer Science.

“There was a scoring average of 3.8 on those exams,” Vogel said. “Congrats to the teachers and students for the work they put in on those exams.”

The board approved a lease agreement with the Rock Lake Activity Center and the Lake Mills Recreation Department for Club 55.

“This is a trial lease for six months,” Streich said. “We will be renting the Fort Health room and ¬the use of the facilities during Club 55 hours.”

There will be a lunch on Sept. 17 for those interested in checking out the new space for Club 55 at the Rock Lake Activity Center.

The board approved the professional staff retirement of Pamela Streich, district administrator at the end of the school year.

In other business the board:

— Approved a $15,000 stipend for Amanda Thompson, elementary principal, for her taking on the duties of Director of Curriculum.

— Approved a physical therapy agreement with Fort Health Care for one year.

— Approved a grant from the Greater Watertown Community Health Foundation for $38,500 for Playworks.

— Approved the resignation of Nicole Brezonick.

— Approved the professional staff contract with Lisa Lutes, third grade teacher.

— Approved membership in the Wisconsin Public Education Network for $597 for the 2019-20 school year.

— Accepted thousands of dollars in gifts from the community.

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