If you are avid reader of our enduring local news source, you may have noticed the increased instances of crime reported on in this paper. Let me assure you Lake Mills is not “going down the toilet,” as we’ve heard people recently say.

What is happening is a progressive relationship between the Lake Mills Leader and the Lake Mills Police Department to get information to our valued readers.

Lake Mills position on I-94 between Madison and Milwaukee makes it a prime stop for persons looking for an easy target such as your unlocked car, open garage door or even an unlocked home. Thieves are looking for anything valuable they can grab to sell or a car usually with the keys left in it to steal.

The important thing to remember is that Lake Mills is a great community, but it’s not a Norman Rockwell painting. It is a real community where occasionally there will be crime, especially related to drugs. There are addicts in and around our community, who on occasion commit crimes to satisfy their habit. These things happen in Lake Mills, so don’t turn a blind eye to it.

What can you do? Lock your doors, secure your home and make sure you are vigilant about what is happening around you.

Want to do something more? Invest in a doorbell or surveillance camera for your home.

The Lake Mills Police Department works hard to protect Lake Mills, just take a glance at the Police Blotter to see how many stops K9 Truman has been involved in recently. Instances of methamphetamine stops in the area are up and heroin and synthetic opiates continue to be an issue.

Our police department has tried to be as open and transparent as possible as far as alerting people to instances of crime in the city following the model of many police departments in the state. They speak to me here at the paper and post on Facebook to reach as many people as possible.

The department is looking for another part-time officer and no they won’t be shoveling the sidewalk or looking for lost dogs. There is real police work to be done here and real people to help. Our officers deserve your respect in person and on the internet. Please think before you post comments.

Crime has always happened in Lake Mills, it’s those people who choose to ignore it who are at the most risk of becoming a victim of it.

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