Warning Improper stop, Failure to Wear Seatbelt Correctly Grove Street / E. Lake Street

Vehicle Lockout Sandy Beach Road

Warning Speeding E Lake Street

Warning Speeding Hwy B/V (west)

Warning Speeding N. Main Street/Prospect Street

Accident CTH V/89

Warning Defective Tail Light E. Lake Street

Citation Operate after Suspension, Warrant Arrest Jefferson Street/Grove Street

Warning Fail to Stop at Stop Sign Lake Street/Main Street

Warning Improper Stop, Failure to Display Front License Plate Prospect Street/Madison Street

Warning Operate with Defective Head Lamp E. Tyranena Park Road


Warning Speeding N. Main Street / W. Grant Street

911 hang up Mulberry Street

Warning Defective Headlamp, Defective Brake light, Citation Absolute Sobriety, Possession of THC Hwy 89/Prospect Street

Assist Fire W. Prospect Street

15 Day Correction Expired Registration CTH. V/Cherokee Path

Warning Expired Registration, Defective Headlamp CTH V/Cherokee Path


Warning Failure to Stop at Stop Sign Hwy V/A

Bail Jumping Cherokee Path

911 Hang up E Washington Street

Vehicle on Fire E Tyranena Park Rd/N Main Street

Warning Failure to Obey Sign S Main Street/Veterans Lane


Assist Fire Department Pinnacle Drive

911 Hang up Brookstone Drive

Accident Sandy Beach Road

Warning Speeding Lake Street/ Enterprise Drive

Warning Failure to Stop at Stop Sign Mulberry Street/CTH V


Accident Enterprise Drive

Assist EMS O’Neil Street

Warrant Arrest S Washington Street/Giles Street

Warning Defective Registration Lamps S. Main Street/Sandy Beach Road

911 Hang Up Crestview Lane

Assist EMS S. Main Street


Warning Speeding S. Ferry Drive / Lake Park Place

Assist EMS Water Street

Warning Failure to Secure Load, Heavy Truck Prohibited Ferry Drive

Citation Operating After Suspension N. Main Street/ Grant Street

Found Property E. Lake Street/Industrial Drive

911 Hang Up Norton Street


15-day Correction Non-Registration, No Proof Insurance E. Tyranena Park Road / Mulberry Street

Warning No Headlights at Night, Failure to Display Stickers S. Ferry Drive / Circle Drive

Found Property Sandy Beach Road

911 hang up E. Lake Street

Warning Failure to Stop at Stop Sign Woodland Beach Road/S. Main Sreet

Citation Failure to Stop at Stop Sign Woodland Beach Road/S. Main Sreet

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