It’s that time of year…school shopping is in full swing, kids are making the most of what free time they have left this summer and parents are excited to send their kids off for another school year.

I feel like I’ve been sending my son off to school every day since he was about three-months-old, he’s always been in full time daycare, but this year he will officially join the big kid club when he heads off to 4K at Lake Mills Elementary. I couldn’t be more excited. His new school supplies and backpack have been labeled and packed for weeks and we will go to parent orientation next week.

We went last week to have his photo taken for school. I planned the shirt (blue stripes), but what I didn’t plan for was the gash he got on his face right before his picture! Oh well, the last time his photo was taken at preschool he had a similar cut in between his eyes. Another good memory to share when he is older. Our photographer was especially great and patient with an antsy almost five-year-old and didn’t give up until we got the right photo. I love that when you take your child to get their photo taken you can see the results right away, no waiting for picture retake day anymore.

Other moms and dads in our community are also ready for school after being able to pick up their new to them school clothes from the Lake Mills Children’s Clothing Giveaway, which was last week.

The giveaway was able to help 136 children in our area. It’s amazing work by Melissa Walker and Rachael Davies to organize this large accumulation of clothing in all sizes. These two moms and all the other volunteers who organize and help with this amazing event for children rock!

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