The Lake Mills Town Board met June 11 and discussed the status of the ATV’s on town roads ordinance.

“I’m not trying to get the roads opened up in the township for people to be out running around recklessly,” said Kurt Orcutt, of the local ATV club. “I’m trying to get it, so it makes sense for people who want to enjoy the county and township areas.”

A speed limit would be set at 35 miles per hour. Those operating an ATV or UTV on town roads will be required to carry a driver’s license at all times and must be at least 16-years-old. Those under the age of 18 must wear a helmet.

The board will work on a cleaned-up version of the ordinance to be reviewed by the town’s attorney prior to a public hearing on the ordinance.

The board approved a conditional use permit for a dog kennel on London Road.

Gregory and Sara Heideman were approved for a dog kennel on London Road. The kennel can have as many as 20 dogs and four cats.

“We had a case like this come before us a year ago in a very urban area and we denied it. There is no doubt there is need for this in our community. I think you have to constantly aware of keeping your neighbors happy going forward.”

The farm also raises pigs in the front of the farm.

The board approved an application for variance for a less restrictive set back at 398 Sandy Beach Road to build a master suite.

“We have plans to tear our house down as much as we can, as much as we are allowed,” said Reich.

Their goal is to move their master bedroom to the main floor to alleviate climbing stairs and move their garage to the east side of the home.

“It makes the road safer,” he said. “There are a lot of people who think my yard it the cul-de-sac at the end of Sandy Beach Road and they drive by my house to do a you turn.”

They also plan to increase the green space in their yard.

“I think it’s a good thing for you to get rid of that cul-de-sac, with what is planned at Sandy Beach in the next few years and utilize that property in a different way,” said Hope Oostdik, town chairperson.

Road patching is ongoing in the township, but has been completed on Airport, Newville, Cemetery, Rock Lake and North Kroghville roads. The company also patched a washout on Crossman Road.

“We are digging out as much of the loose stuff as we can, so the patches will last longer,” said Dexter Shipley, of Northwest Services, who is doing the town’s road patching.

Work is continuing on other town roads as weather allows. The company works in the township about three days a week.

“We are trying to get the higher traffic areas such as Shorewood Hills Road,” he said.

Oostdik asked Forest Constriction for a three-year snow removal contract prior to the meeting in June.

“I’ve asked him to consider making a plan for alternate methods of snow removal including salt brining,” she said. “He would have three years to implement that program.”

They will put the item back on the agenda in several months.

In other business the board:

— Approved a special event for the Lake Ripley Ride.

— Approved 2019 Jefferson County Bridge Aid for the Kuhl Road culvert.

— Approved Jefferson County Highway aid.

— Approved 2019 alcohol licenses.

— Approved a photo copier contract.

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