Melissa Roglitz-Walker

Melissa Roglitz-Walker

Amy Litscher and Melissa Roglitz-Walker are running for the Lake Mills Area School District Board of Education in February for the primary election.

The seat is being vacating by Dr. Richard Mason, current board president.

Litscher and Roglitz-Walker will be on the ballot along with Jim Williams, who has withdrawn from candidacy.

Roglitz-Walker’s statement of candidacy is as follows:

As a lifelong resident of the Lake Mills Area School District, I’ve watched our schools evolve into beacons of inspiration to other districts and communities. The district has adopted best practices, hired talented staff and built state-of-the art buildings. The staff, administration and school board have been collectively creative in strategic problem solving when budgets have run short and needs have run high. The district has developed essential partnerships with community organizations to ensure children’s unmet needs become met. And this—all of this—has been accomplished because our children’s best interests were always the impetus for action.

I am running for the LMASD School Board because I want to ensure that we carry on that tradition of striving for educational excellence. Each of our children deserves the best educational environment our community can provide for them, both as individuals and as a collective. I believe it is imperative that we continue to identify, recognize and embrace the challenges of the whole child in order to expand opportunities, broaden access and improve outcomes for every child who passes through our district. Our children’s paths may all be different but the end goal for every one of them is their version of success.

As a district parent, I have spent years volunteering in our classrooms. Additionally, I am in my sixth year of teaching an after school Intro to Spanish class to Lake Mills Elementary School first-fourth-graders. I am a cofounder of the LM Children’s Clothing Giveaway, a volunteer coach of the LMHS Mountain Biking Team, a co-leader of the LM Legendaries 4-H Club, a volunteer member of Jefferson County’s Children’s Community Options Program Advisory Committee and a past volunteer on the LMASD Strategic Planning Committee. These experiences have provided a unique insight into our district’s strengths, our children’s needs, and areas in which our district may be able to improve, innovate and/or inspire.

They say it takes a village to raise a child, and our community’s continual support of our schools remains both astounding and invigorating. It would be my honor to continue to cultivate that support in innovative ways that impact and improve our kids’ education and their lives.

The spring primary election will be Feb. 18.

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