The Lake Mills Area School District Board of Education asked the public to weigh in Nov. 20 on what they would like to see in the next district administrator of Lake Mills public schools.

“We’ve met with the various stakeholders, the administrators, teachers at the schools, staff. Tomorrow we meet with the high school staff. On Dec. 3 we are meeting with Rotary to get input from the business community,” said Dr. Richard Mason, school board president. “When we finish that we will put everything together and come up with a profile of someone who can fit into our district.”

The vacancy is open and has been posted. The application closes Dec. 1.

“The board will be interviewing people along the way and when we have it narrowed down the finalists the board will interview, and we will give the public a chance to interview them and the teachers and the staff. That will be a long day for them,” he said.

Attendees listed some of the strengths of the district including people like the teachers, administration and students.

“It’s a good group of kids,” said Gerard Saylor, parent.

“I continue to be amazed at their work ethic, their commitment to the students and the work they do every single day to make positive things happen,” said Sandy Whisler, president of Citizen Advocates for Public Education, of the younger teachers in the district.

She also said the facilities are a strength here.

“In a community our size we are blessed to have the facilities we do,” she said.

Positive comments were also made about the district’s class offerings. Community and business support of schools in Lake Mills is also present.

There weren’t too many topics brought up that need improvement in the district, but class schedules were mentioned along with challenges with increasing enrollments.

Comments about the next district administrator included someone who is present and a promoter of the school district, similar to the current administrator, Pam Streich.

“Dean Sanders, retired district administrator, once said the district administrator in a town the size of Lake Mills is in charge of the biggest business we have,” said Whisler. “I had never thought of it that way, but I think someone who has that understanding of how they’re in charge of a business that employs a lot of people and part of that is the community involvement and being present at the schools.”

Whisler also said she hopes the next district administrator will be a champion of teachers.

Saylor commented someone who is knowledgeable about bond issues could be helpful in the coming years.

The board expects to review the applicants in January, do first interviews Feb. 12 and interview the finalists Feb. 19.

“We hope to have someone hired by March 1,” Mason said.

They would begin the job July 1, 2020.

Those who would like to weigh in on the process can fill out the district administrator survey found on the home page of the district’s website

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