Trump hero or villain?

Every hero needs a villain. Batman has Joker, Packers have the Bears and Walker and Fitzgerald had our school teachers. The US is the villain in so many countries because rulers like Kim Jong-un and Ali Khamenei blame their countries troubles (justly or not) on the U.S. We are demonized in the eyes of their public. So getting the people to rally around their flag when the time comes is a no brainer.

The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, believing that decimating the U.S. fleet would drive the Americans to despair and defeat. That didn’t work out. When the Nazi’s overwhelmed the Polish Air Force, determined Polish pilots made it to England where they were integral in defeating the Nazis in the “battle of Brittan.” Throughout history, one side has often “misunderestimated” the willingness of their opponents to fight back.

Did anyone think there would be no retaliation for Trump’s assassination of Iranian General Suleimani? Were Trumps actions a mistake other Presidents could have made? Yes the general was a threat to American soldiers, but they are in his backyard. Like most of Trump’s reasoning, the intel as explained was contradicting, sketchy and ticked off his own supporters.

I will not suggest the president is doing this for political reasons, but for the first time I heard two consecutive sentences that sound like he could be a President. Of course there is Trump’s slice of the blame for the downing an Iranian jetliner with 176 innocent deaths, “they were in a bad neighborhood”! His threat to destroy cultural sights is more typical Trump.

Trouble in the Middle East goes back before Jesus. Other than the liberation of Kuwait, U.S. military presence seems only to inflame the situation. So when the AP story mentioned “the most dangerous man in the world,” did they mean Suleimani or Trump?

Mark Schneck


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