District report cards

The Lake Mills Area School District received an exceeds expectations rating according to school district report card data released by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction on Tuesday. The district’s overall score was 80.5 or four out of five stars for the 2018-19 school year.

Lake Mills score is almost two points higher than last year. All Lake Mills Schools were rated exceeds expectations.

The score is based on student achievement (English Language Arts and math achievement) 69.6%, district growth 76.5%, closing gaps 87.3% and on-track and postsecondary readiness 90.2%.

The score for Lake Mills Elementary School is 78.8; Lake Mills Middle School 79.4 and Lake Mills High School 82.5.

District Administrator Pam Streich is very pleased with the score.

"While we acknowledge the school report card system is complex and just one tool in looking at our work with students, we are very pleased that we have achieved "exceeds expectations" in each building and as a district. This designation reflects the positive work in each of the buildings.  Congratulations to all of our staff and students on this accomplishment"

Streich said the report card looks heavily at how subgroups like English language learners, low socio-economic students and students with disabilities achieve. 

"We always strive to improve programming for all students.  We incorporate all the data we can collect into our planning for that improvement," she said.

Lake Mills score is relatively higher than other area districts; Johnson Creek 71.1, Waterloo 71.3, Deerfield 69.6, Marshall 67.2, Cambridge 74.7 and Jefferson 74.3.

District officials plan to address the report cards at the December Board of Education meeting.

Report card ratings range from five stars, denoting schools and districts that significantly exceed expectations, to one star for those that fail to meet expectations. Scores are calculated in four priority areas: student achievement; school growth; closing gaps between student groups; and measures of students being on-track for postsecondary readiness, which includes graduation and attendance rates, third-grade English language arts achievement, and eighth-grade mathematics achievement. Report cards provide a snapshot of performance across the four priority areas and can be used to target improvement efforts.

For 2018-19 report cards, 40 districts were rated at the highest accountability level, a five-star rating, meaning they significantly exceed expectations. Forming the largest group are 198 districts achieving four stars, which means they exceed expectations. The three-star, meets expectations, rating was given to 163 districts. Seventeen districts were rated two stars, meets few expectations. One district failed to meet expectations, the one-star category. No districts were rated using the alternate accountability measures this year.

For 2018-19, 2,112 public schools and 322 private choice schools received report cards. Of choice schools, 106 exercised the option to receive an all student report card in addition to the required report card for choice students only.

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