The Lake Mills City Council approved the library needs assessment and feasibility study for the L.D. Fargo Public Library Nov. 19. The Library Board Ad Hoc Committee recommended FEH Design of Oconomowoc for the study at a cost of $19,305

The library, built in 1902, is in good condition for its age, according to the library request. The library has a service population of 10,000 covering the city of Lake Mills and whole or part of the towns and villages of Aztalan, Lake Mills, Milford, Waterloo and Jefferson. The library’s annual circulation is just under 100,000 items. The print collection is approximately 32,000 items and the media collection contains about 6,000 items.

The study seeks to assess the needs and requirements for the library space over the next 20 years and evaluate the condition of the library building including structural integrity, energy conservation, health and safety, disabled access, acoustics, space flexibility/expandability, access to parking, plumbing/mechanical/electrical systems, architectural and engineering obstacles and functional spatial relationships.

In other business the council:

— Approved the Humane Society contract with the Humane Society of Jefferson County for $16,442.17 per year.

— Approved the joint powers agreement for 2020. This is the annual joint powers agreement between Lake Mills and Jefferson County relating to the joint exercise of powers over emergency services with the county on mutual aid and dispatching throughout Jefferson County and within the city. The city has participated in the agreement for 25 years.

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