Work on the Lake Mills Area School District referendum projects is off to a good start Superintendent Pam Streich announced Monday to the Lake Mills Area School District Board of Education.

“The construction projects are both going very well. We couldn’t be more pleased with the contractors that we are using, or the workers that have been there. It’s going very smoothly,” Streich said. “You can see that three-quarters of the footings are now complete…the awning and the sidewalk underneath will be removed today and tomorrow.”

The board voted to approve the preliminary budget for the 2019-20 school year to be presented at the July annual meeting.

Wendy Brockert, business administrator, said this has been a difficult budget year.

“Everything isn’t settled at the state level. We are using an estimate. The Joint Finance Committee is telling us at this point there will be a $25 per pupil increase. That’s what was used to create this budget.”

The per pupil aid according to the estimate is funded at $679 per student. The district is also looking at a revenue limit increase of $175 per student.

“We have not seen a revenue limit increase over the last several years because the increase in our budget has come from the per pupil aid,” she said. “This is what we are using right now because this is the best estimate in creating the budget.”

The general fund revenue is $17,441,960. All funds are $25, 101,514.

“Our expenditure budget includes a wage and benefit increase of about 2.44 percent for the wage portion. Most of our benefits did not go up this coming year.”

Brockert also noted the expenditures will be $34,046,669.

“When looking at the expenditure budget in the general fund you will see the expenses exceed the revenues and that’s because when we went to referendum on the multi-use outdoor facility we planned on using some fund balance to help fund that project.”

The district will find out its actual revenue limit in October.

“At that point we know our actual enrollments from September, we know our actual general aid and we also know our actual equalized aid, we find out the private school voucher numbers, computer aid and all those calculations are finalized then. All of this will be looked at in October, reviewed and adjusted at that time.”

The tax levy estimate is $10,029,242.

“The target date is in October when everything is finalized,” Dr. Richard Mason, school board president said. “These are all estimates at this time.”

The district announced Monday night a project that brings together city resources, Club 55, the club for seniors in the community and the Recreation Department.

“We are looking at how we can streamline those services and provide more things for the seniors of our community.”

Last summer the City of Lake Mills gave a loan to the Rock Lake Activity Center that could lead to a space for Club 55.

“It’s not for sure but that is one prong on this project. It’s been decided Club 55 will come under the umbrella of the Recreation Department. We are really excited to work with Carol Burrows and her board,” Streich said.

In other business the board:

— Approved professional staff resignations and contracts.

— Approved the Rock Lake Activity Center lease agreement for the Lake Mills Transition Program.

— Approved a fiber optic project from Meyer Services, Inc. of Greenville for $153,882.10. The district is responsible for 60% of the cost of the project, which will improve the districts computer systems.

— Approved a wage increase for all employees except professional teaching staff.

— Approved agreements with Johnson Creek Schools for alternative and early childhood programing.

—Approved a bid for resurfacing the tennis courts at the high school from Holbrook Tennis Court Service of West Bend for $44,755 to be completed in the fall or early spring.

The district received thousands of dollars in gifts and donations last month.

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