Letter to Sen. Johnson

Dear Sen. Johnson,

I am writing to you out of deep concern for the future of our democracy, our country, and the free world. I sincerely hope you are able to take the time to hear me out. I will be as brief and concise as I can. We are living in historic times, and you will be faced with some important decisions. My hope is that you will be guided by actual facts, a sense of duty to our country, and allegiance to the oath you made upon taking office.

Our president has been impeached by the House for abusing the powers of his office. The facts are clear, and to deny their gravity is an act of intellectual dishonesty. The events leading to the president’s impeachment are not the only examples of the man’s unsuitability for the office that he holds. He seems incapable of placing the interests of the country above his own, cannot distinguish truth from fiction, and treats our country’s laws and institutions with utter contempt when they get in the way of his personal interests. Acquittal by the senate will further embolden the man, and most certainly lead to more and greater abuses.

As citizens we have the right to expect our leaders to act with integrity. To set an example of how Americans behave and conduct their affairs.

To place the interests of the United States of America above all others personal or party. Unfortunately, integrity is a foreign word to Mr. Trump. The example Mr Trump is setting is an embarrassment to honest people everywhere, and to protect and defend him is to be his accomplice in hijacking our democracy.

The country has never in it’s history chosen a more ill suited person to hold the highest office in the land. You will have an opportunity to address that mistake. I sincerely hope that you act with integrity and faithfulness to the oath of office that binds you. The future of our country and the free world is at stake.

Michael Juszczak

Lake Mills

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Jammin Joe

This so well stated. We need a President with integrity. Thank you for your thoughts!

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