Fairness should prevail

Dear Editor,

We Americans may differ on many issues, but we all value fairness. In sports, school and work, we agree that everyone should know and follow the same rules. So, when it comes making every vote count in our elections, fairness should prevail. That’s why fair electoral maps are so important, and they can only be achieved through non-partisan redistricting. No political party to have control over voting districts.

When the Republican majority legislature in Wisconsin redrew our maps in 2011, subsequent election results revealed an unfair bias, a telltale sign of gerrymandering. When voting maps are fair, the party that wins the majority of the votes overall should see a parallel share of seats in the legislature. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in 2012 the Republicans won less than half of the Presidential vote but 60 percent of state Assembly seats. In 2014, Republicans won 52 percent of the vote for Governor but captured 63 percent of the Assembly seats. And in 2016, while there was an even split between the two parties’ candidates for President, the GOP still won 64 percent of the Assembly seats. That’s unfair mapping at work.

Extreme partisan gerrymandering goes against all standards of fairness. Speak up against it. Contact your state representatives and tell them you want Wisconsin to adopt non-partisan redistricting. Demand fair mapping, so that no dominant party can ever take your vote away again.

Colleen Schulz


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