Editor’s note: The following letter was originally printed in the Leader on July 29, 1999

Dear Editor,

I offer this particularly for those who attended the rededication of the 1861 Mamre log church at the Lake Mills-Aztalan Museum grounds this past Sunday but also to the general reader. Hot as it was, it was a great day to share a recovery of the past history from this area. Thanks to all who were with us on this special day.

My primary concern for this letter is to add an addendum to one part of the program that got overlooked. Those who were in attendance heard Marvin Kirst recognize individuals who shared in the two-year project of disassembly, moving, reassembly and restoration of this house of worship. Marv did an excellent job of this. He was the appropriate one to do so, but in doing so, the most valuable person got slighted in the recognition.

I know that I speak for all of the volunteers when I say that Marv was our general manager of construction. Without his dedication, skill and persistence the day of dedication would have been a year later, if at all. We might have well had an unfinished set of walls at the corner of Q and B as an inappropriate symbol of the Mamre Church rather than the significant role it deserves in the life of the Moravian Church here in southern Wisconsin. Marv was always there gathering workers, materials and tools to shape the project.

By choosing him to do the honors of recognizing the volunteers, we overlooked our MVP and did not hand out the award and the accompanying accolades that should have been given. We who worked with him would feel that our recognition would be tainted if he were not at the head of the list. Thanks for everything, Marv!

A grateful co-worker,

Gene Glasser, former pastor, Lake Mills Moravian Church.

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