Dear Editor,

The state budget for the next two years is now on the table. The plans shaped by the Republican controlled Joint Finance Committee, fall short of the proposals shaped by Gov. Tony Evers. The differences are large and will impact you.

Here are three top priorities that stand out for urgent attention before it’s too late:

Accept the Medicaid expansion. It will save lives by providing more people with insurance, it frees up money for other health care programs, and it will lower everyone’s insurance premiums. Plus, it comes from tax dollars that we’ve already sent to Washington. It’s fiscally responsible, morally right.

Restore adequate funding for public schools. The proposal from the Joint Finance Committee does not even keep up with inflation. Schools are closing, programs are ending and our children are the losing more every year. We must stop the defunding of public education. It harms our most priceless treasure: children’s opportunity.

Reject the extreme hikes to vehicle fees and adopt a modest gas tax as a reliable source of funding for roads. This makes it clear that all who use the highways the most, including out-of-state drivers, pay their fair share. Furthermore, we must not continually increase our debt to pay to maintain our roads. It’s fiscally irresponsible.

The state budget reflects our values. Make your voice heard. Call your elected representative and tell them to stand up for your needs, not theirs.

Sen. Scott Fitzgerld 608-266-5660, Rep. Barb Dittrich 608-266-8551.

Leslie DeMuth

Lake Mills

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