Pamela Streich, district administrator for the Lake Mills Area School District, announced to her staff Monday she plans to retire at the end of the 2019-20 school year. Streich shared the news as the entire staff of 230 employees gathered for the annual Welcome Back Breakfast Monday, Aug. 26.

At the end of her comments outlining the privileges she has enjoyed in her life including role models, menotors, access to education and health care, rewarding work and supportive communities, she challenged her staff to evaluate their own privilege. Streich concluded by saying, “It is time for me to shift gears and enter a new phase in my life where I share the privileges I have enjoyed with others in the private, non-profit world.”

Streich is a graduate of Lake Mills High School and went on to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Communicative Disorders. She then attended UW-Eau Claire to earn a Master’s in Speech Pathology. Streich began her 35-year career in education in Lake Mills as an Intern in Speech/Language Pathology.

“It was strange to come back to Lake Mills and work side-by-side with my former teachers, but it was an excellent opportunity that I could not pass up,” she said.

After 15 years as a speech pathologist in the Watertown Unified School District, Streich returned to Lake Mills as the Director of Special Education. During her 20 years in Lake Mills she also served as Director of Summer School, Elementary Associate Principal, High School Principal and District Administrator.

“I had the privilege of a wonderful school experience and a Joe Davies Scholarship to attend UW-Madison. My father always said that I needed to serve the community that provided me with so much. Being able to spend my whole career in education in Jefferson County has allowed me to attempt to say thank you,” Streich said.

Streich’s final day will be June 30, 2020. The Board of Education will officially approve her retirement at the September board meeting. This is Streich’s 35th year in education and her 20th serving the Lake Mills Area School District.

Streich was hired as superintendent after Dean Sanders’ retirement in 2016.

Streich grew up in rural Lake Mills and lives here with her husband Terry. She has adult children and grandchildren.

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