Lakeside graduation

Lakeside Lutheran High School held graduation for 110 students on Sunday.

Lakeside Lutheran High School held its Class of 2019 graduation ceremony Sunday. Diplomas were handed out to 110 graduates.

The class verse, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans,” Proverbs 16:3, was a fitting theme for the day.

Abigail Buxa, co-valedictorian said, “Your value is not based on your performance.” It’s advice she received from her mother.

“My value, thanks to Jesus, has already been determined, not just in her eyes, but in the eyes of Jesus as well,” Buxa said. “Our worth has already been established.”

Will DeNoyer, co-valedictorian, discussed the lessons he and his classmates have learned while at Lakeside.

“Storming the court is going to get you penalized during homecoming activities,” he said. “What is a succulent? I’m almost positive none of us know what that means, but I guarantee you ever person on this stage can name one.”

“Goldfish cannot survive with cashews in their tank.”

“These lessons might not get us anywhere in life, however there is one lesson we’ve learned that we will take with us forever. It’s the lesson of Jesus Christ dying on a cross to pay for our sins,” he said.

DeNoyer said every teacher at Lakeside infused the word of God into their subjects.

“It is the priority of our school to make sure we know and appreciate how great and powerful our God is.”

Brevin Jegerlehner, co-valedictorian, discussed the winning tradition of the Class of 2019.

“Some of my favorite memories over the years and favorite dates in general were the homecoming football games with a big crowd against a rival school and where multiple graduates come from years past to rekindle old memories with old friends,” he said. “More important than all the winning we’ve done in school and in sports is that by God grace you are all winners in life and winners in the faith.”

Kaitlyn Shadoski, salutatorian, discussed the Thomas Rhett song, “Life Changes.”

“It seems like just yesterday we were getting off the bus for freshman orientation,” she said. “Now we sit here in our caps and gowns ready to graduate. Now we have the school memorized. We know which classrooms are cold and which ones are freezing.”

“Through all the changes there is one thing that will never change, Jesus love for us. No matter where we go it’s not too far from God.”

Pastor Clark Schultz addressed the graduates with the theme of ice cream.

“How would I bring food into the sermon? I’m just going to spitball here…is there anybody out there who brought some ice cream with them?

Jay Lange did have ice cream and presented it to Schultz who proceeded to tell the graduates two scoops of advice.

“I want you to make mistakes,” Schulz said. “I’m not giving you free range to sin…you are not going to stop sining, are you? I know I’m not.”

“Every sin has been paid for by Jesus,” he said. “Take that gift down whatever path you are on…take that gift and share it so others can know the sweet taste of the gospel.”

Lakeside Lutheran High School Principal James Grasby discussed influential teachers in his past. “I learned from each of them they were faithful servants of God and capable in the classroom. What I learned most from them I learned outside the classroom.”

“You are who you are today because of the way the Lord has placed people in your life at just the right time. He shaped you through them. Be sure to thank them as well.”

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