Speeding on Pinnacle

Dear Editor,

I’m just wondering: What is the speed limit on Pinnacle Drive? Just asking...

If the Lake Mills Police Department officers take an oath to defend and protect, also just wondering if that means all of us, or if the bogus warning tickets they seem prone to issue to the locals are working effectively? Just asking...

One does not need a radar gun to determine whether a vehicle is way over the speed limit on this street. We have endured hundreds of dump trucks carrying materials both directions all summer, adding to the traffic, and with a new school year about to begin, we will have the added blessing of students flying by to get to school. Just asking...

When will someone be seriously hurt by the blatant lack of enforcement on this street? Is that what it will take for the police department to do all of their job? Just asking.

Jean Stolsmark

Lake Mills

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