Palzewicz, Winker are future for Wisconsin

Dear Editor,

I used to think politicians would tell us whatever they think we the voting public want to hear, regardless of reality. That has somehow morphed in recent years. Now many politicians tell us what they themselves want to hear, regardless of reality.

There is no better example than Trump, but Scott Fitzgerald works hard at emulating him. Fitz recently called political gerrymandering in Wisconsin a “big lie” and sited Tammy Baldwins wining statistics. Those stats are correct, but just a tribute to Baldwin. Wisconsin Dems have consistently won overall votes and lost assembly seats. Walker lost to Evers with 49% of the vote yet carried 63 of 99 assembly districts. That’s no lie! Since Republican’s are almost guaranteed a win in so many districts they can field candidates like Fitzgerald’s stepford wife Barb Dittrich.

September’s polling from the Marquette University Law School showed 80% of Wisconsin voters support expanding background checks on all firearm sales, private and online. This matches polls from April among a different group of voters. Now remember the special session called last November to address gun legislation and keep the image in your head of Scott Fitzgerald gaveling in and gaveling out in 15 seconds. The assembly did the same while Dittrich, who never looked up from her phone, claims “her district is against it.” As Governor Evers said, “Republicans essentially just told 80% of Wisconsinites and a majority of gun owners to go jump in a lake,” I would not have been so polite. Wisconsin Republicans also continue to ignore solutions for health care, climate, immigration and education to name few.

Fitz now aspires to a higher office while Dittrich faces reelection. Fitz wins and he goes to Washington while some other schlub with a R after his name gets his seat. He looses and remains our personal burden to democracy.

Tom Palzewicz also running for our 5th Congressional seat is light years ahead of Fitzgerald. He cares about issues that concern us as does Melissa Winker who is running against Dittrich for our 38th assembly seat. Stop shooting yourselves in the foot Wisconsin, Palzewicz and Winker are our future!

Tim Connor


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