Hello and welcome back! What a beautiful weekend! We had the privilege of listening to our granddaughters sing in their church service. It’s so enlightening to hear the little ones sing their hearts out, as I’ve mentioned before.

Ask any grandparent, and they are more than happy to brag about their grandchildren. Ask them to show you a picture of their grandchild and they pull out a photo album book! Right?

Well on Monday, over a dozen residents gathered in the Gathering Room to hear a presentation from Laurie on her business “Breathe Salt & Sauna Spa.” She shared with us the healing benefits of Salt Therapy as well as benefits of Infrared Sauna Therapy, with its chromo therapy and changing lights, anywhere from red to blue, each with specific healing targets!

Tuesday the residents were treated to their weekly afternoon movie and fresh popped popcorn. Wednesday morning, they started the day with chair yoga by Susan from RLAC. Later some of them attended the weekly Bible Study in the Sun Room. Also, that morning, Ann and several residents headed to Madison to attend a fine dining experience at Madison College.

The culinary students prepared and served the three course meal of lamb, walleye or tofu. And from what we heard the following day, everything was delicious! The afternoon activity in the Gathering Room was Bingo, followed by wine and cheese.

Thursday morning Kelly from RLAC lead the ladies in their weekly Zumba Gold. And again our Halloween mascot, Tricky Dick was there to Zumba with them. He probably was getting some tips for when he is in storage, looks like he might be gaining an inch or so.. shhh… he’s sensitive, you know! And, again, he was given his mismatched pair of maracas.

Thursday at lunch we celebrated the birthday of Velma L., a day early but hey, who is counting!? And that my friends is the skinny in a nutshell. Until next week, God’s blessings on your weekly activities and adventures. I leave you with this thought, “There is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs.”

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