The Nov. 4, 2019 meeting of the Rock Lake Troopers 4-H Club was called to order at 6:32 p.m. by Vice President Karmyn Gross. Pledges were led by members in grade and middle school. Roll call was taken by saying your favorite Thanksgiving food. The secretary’s report was read and approved.

The club recognized Sue Wilpolt for 10 years of service as a leader to the Rock Lake Troopers 4-H Club. Also, Dave Saxby was recognized for one year of service as a leader to the club. Also, the club recognized the following members for their commitment to the club: Ashlyn Primmer, Jewelynn Gonzalez, and Clarissa Gross

For November, the club did a food drive. The members brought in food goods to donate to the local food pantry.

The club discussed what community activity it would like to do for December. The club discussed the option to help contribute to the Junior Leader’s blanket and stuffed-animal drive. Whitney Wiedenfeld made a motion to do the blanket drive. Esperonza Gonzalez seconded the motion.

Mrs. Schultz asked if there was any interest in writing Christmas cards at Brook Gardens. The club was in favor of doing the Christmas cards in December. Mrs. Schultz was going to finalize a date with Brook Gardens.

Also, the club discussed if there was any interest in doing a Christmas party at the Dec. 2 meeting. The 4-H members could bring in their favorite snack for the party. Whitney Wiedenfeld made a motion to have a Christmas party and gift exchange (with the gift being $10 or less). Gretta Wiedenfeld seconded the motion.

Melissa Gross discussed doing a dairy promotion to promote butter for baking during the holiday season at the local grocery store. She will check on dates that would work both with the club and grocery store.

Luke Wiedenfeld gave a review on Farm Technology Days. He also informed the club of grants that will be handed out to local 4-H and FFA clubs. The grant forms may be due in early February of 2020.

Next the club reviewed the pizza and pie pick-up. Yvette Messmer reported that pick-up went very smoothly.

Also, the club reviewed the activity at Schuster’s Farm and the bonfire at the Hafenstein’s. The members remarked that the Kid’s Area was a lot of fun. Also, the maze was pretty adventurous. Even with the rain, the members had a great time at the bonfire.

Mrs. Schultz reviewed the changes of the constitution and by-laws for the club. Olivia Olson motioned to approve the second reading of the constitution and by-laws. Esperonza Gonzalez seconded the motion.

Mrs Schultz asked that club members to pay their club dues.

Olivia Olson did a project talk on her sheep project.

Gretta and Whitney Wiedenfeld did a member activity with rolling dice to draw a turkey. The first group able to draw a turkey won a prize.

Mrs Schultz reminded members in the beef project that there is a kick-off meeting on Nov. 11 at 6:30 p.m. at the extension.

Valerie Masker motioned to adjourn the meeting. Sophia Masker seconded it. The meeting was adjourned at 7:39 p.m.

Olivia Dolph

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