On Saturday Feb. 22, music students from Lake Mills, Poynette, Watertown Luther Prep, Lakeside Lutheran, Lodi, and Columbus met at Lodi High School for the 2014 Capitol Conference District Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Lake Mills Middle School music students performed throughout the day for Wisconsin School Music Association certified music judges.

The ratings of their performances reflect not only these hours of preparation and hard work, but are an indication of their growth as young musicians and students of music over the year.

Students in sixth grade receive a “critique only” from the judge.

Students in seventh grade and higher are eligible for a rating. First ratings earn a gold medal, second ratings earn a silver medal and third ratings earn a bronze medal.

The music department thanks the accompanists, who donate many extra hours to the district to benefit the Lake Mills Middle School and Lake Mills High School music students: Beth Converse, Gloria Darnall, Sarah Hafenstein, Sandra Hastings, Linda Heimstreet, Samantha Heimstreet, Julie Hildebrandt, Emily Hoggatt, Dan Maske, Angela Schmidt, and Liz Sparks.

A first rating indicates that it was an outstanding performance. The following performances received this honor:

Class B First Rating

Cello Solos - Paul Hanrahan and Noah Mock, Piano Solo - Ruby Stevens, Trombone Solo - J.D. Link, Trumpet Solo - Ashli Patrick, Vocal Jazz Solo - Jaed Colvin, Vocal Solos - Jaed Colvin, Rebecca Gipson, Katherine Hoggatt, Ellie Laws, Aly Steffan, Cole Schmidt, Emily Schwoerer, Sophia Thompson, and Mackenzie Windl, Alto Saxophone Trio - Lydia Downey, Lauren Felder, and Katherine Hoggatt, Clarinet Duet - Bailey Lawson and Lauren McAdow, Percussion Ensemble - Carson Malchow, Cal Porter, Ben Bollig, Nathan Patton, and Nathan Warner, Trombone Duet - Quinn Borchert and Ariana Stewart, Trombone Quartet - Quinn Borchert, J.D. Link, Ruby Stevens, and Ariana Stewart, Vocal Duet - Katherine Hoggatt and Aly Steffan, Vocal Ensemble SSAA - Chloe Anderson, Isabella Buscemi, Jaed Colvin, Rebecca Gipson, Katherine Hoggatt, Aly Steffan, and Ariana Stewart, Vocal Ensemble TTB - Ben Bollig, Colton Klecker, Donovan Malotke, Cole Schmidt, Anthony Wollin, and Richard Wollin.

Class B Second Rating

Trumpet Solo - Adam Mitchell, Vocal Solos - Ben Bollig, Mackenzie Shade, and Ariana Stewart, Clarinet Duet - Bryanna Bergmann and Zoe Quinn, String Trio - Lauren Felder, Katherine Hoggatt, and Bailey Lawson.

Class B Third Rating

Trumpet Solo - Noah Hertel

Class C First Rating

Drum Set Solos - Ashlyn Primmer and Nathan Warner, Euphonium Solo - Slade Kussman, Piano Solo - Aly Steffan, Trumpet Solo - Hans Purisch and Elliot Virtue, Viola Solos - Lauren Felder, Zoe Quinn, and Elena Voigt, Violin Solo - Ashlyn Primmer, Clarinet/Euphonium Duet - Quinn Borchert and Sophia Thompson, Flute/Horn Duet - Chloe Anderson and Emma Wallace, String Quartet - Ashlyn Primmer, Zoe Quinn, Claire Smith, and Sophia Thompson, Sextet/Jazz Combo - Jessica Clift, Noah Hertel, Phoebe Jackson-Miller, Adam Mitchell, Nathan Patton and Jayden Radke, Trumpet/Bells Duet - Noah Hertel and Ben Bollig, Tuba/Bells Duet - Daxton Mock and Nicholas Sapp, Vocal Ensemble SSA - Chloe Anderson, Jasmine Blaisdell, Isabella Buscemi, Emma Evenson, Emilee Frey, Rebecca Gipson, Gabrielle Krause, Emily Schowoerer, Ariana Stewart, Daytona Thelke, and Mackenzie Windl, Vocal Ensemble SSA - Ellie Laws, Bethzadia Martinez, Lainie Nolan, Ashli Patrick, Mackenzie Shade, and Sophia Thompson, Woodwind Trio - Maira Pineda, Olivia Lescoheir, and Aly Steffan.

Class C Second Rating

Low Brass Quartet - Jordan Jenks-Recker, J.D. Link, Logan Otto, and Nicholas Klotz.

Class C Critique Only Rating

Alto Saxophone Solos - Lily Kussman, Cole Schmidt and Teagen Williams, Bass Clarinet Solo - Virginia Klecker, Cello Solos - Phoebe Kearns and Virginia Klecker, Marimba Solo - Lily Kussman, Piano Solos - Stacie Dressel, Mia Kroll, and Ellyn Werner, Violin Solo - Grace Schopf, Vocal Solo - Stacie Dressel, Drum Duet - Henry Popowski and Cam Schultz, Oboe/Clarinet Duet - Stacie Dressel and Ellyn Werner, Piano Duet - Stacie Dressel and Ellyn Werner, String Duet - Ryan Demrow and Cheyenne Mitchell, Violin/Flute Duet - Makaylah Legel and Jena Smith

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