LMHS Forensics

The Lake Mills High School State Forensics competitors. Pictured back row from the left: Gavin Lira, Nick Sapp, Kaitlyn Twesme, Tristan Yiannackopoulos, Maddie Patton, Ethan Lewellin, Sophia Thompson, Molly Williams, Reese Willie, Quentin Saylor, Libby Porter, Paul Hanrahan, Joe Reuss, Jesse Ritter, Kyrston Bell, Tavin Schlesner, Gracelyn Smith, Kiersten Gonzalez and Maggie Polzin. Front row from the left: Ellie Laws, Stacie Dressel, Olivia Flores, Destinee Anderson, Laney Janczy, Angie Dressel and Zoe Quinn.

The Lake Mills High School Forensics team competed at the Wisconsin High School Forensics Association’s State meet at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Friday, April 12. Of 21 entries, the team earned six gold, 10 silver and five bronze medals. Every entry scored 20 or better of 25 points.

Gold medal winners were: Gracelyn Smith, Extemporaneous Speech; Jesurun Ritter, Oratory; Joseph Reuss, Oratory; Sophia Thompson and Ellie Laws, Play Acting; Paul Hanrahan, Poetry; Kyrston Bell, Solo Acting.

Silver medal winners were: Molly Williams, Informative; Nicholas Sapp, Informative; Ethan Lewellin, Moments in History; Kaitlyn Twesme, Moments in History; Zoe Quinn, Moments in History; Gavin Lira, Oratory; Destinee Anderson, Poetry; Helena Janczy, Poetry; Reese Willie, Radio News Reporting; Tristan Yiannackopoulos, Radio News Reporting.

The bronze medal winners were: Tavin Schlesner, Informative; Quentin Saylor, Moments in History; Madeline Patton, Oratory; Kiersten Gonzalez, Poetry; Libby Porter, Radio News Reporting.

Team Members who qualified for State but were unable to compete were: Magen Polzin, Demonstration; Anastacia Dressel, Farrago; Angelina Dressel, Impromptu; Olivia Flores, Prose.

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