Lakeside students win German award

Lakeside Lutheran students receive awards for German Achievement Level. Noelle Gates (89th percentile rank) and Brendan McKenna (88th percentile rank) were awarded cash prizes by the DSSV (German Language and School Society, Inc.) of Milwaukee. This was the 64th annual test sponsored by AATG and DSSV.

Lakeside Lutheran participated in the annual AATG (American Association for the Teachers of German) state-wide test, which is co-sponsored by the DSSV (German Language and School Society, Inc.) of Milwaukee.

Of the 13 students who took the listening comprehension and reading test, seven received special recognition. Students participated in the Level 2, 3 and 4 tests. Their performance is judged by how they performed in comparison to their peers in the state of Wisconsin (percentile rank).

Receiving mention in the “Achievement Level” (scoring in the 50-69th percentile rank) were: Olivia Odrich, Cooper Clark, Jack Egelseer in level 2; Oliver Butler and Dinesh Tadepalli in level 3. “Bronze Achievement” (scoring in the 70-79th percentile rank) went to Emily Meiller at Level 2; “Silver Achievement” (scoring in the 81-90th percentile rank) went to four students, Henry Raemisch and Brendan McKenna at level 2, Isabella Collins at level 3 and Noelle Gates at Level 4.

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