The American Red Cross and Lake Mills Community Blood drive held on May 28 surpassed its goal. The goal was for 75 units and 83 units were collected, 249 people will be helped with the donations. Donors included: John Wells, Mary Smith, Richard Fronek, Kathryn Wittwer, Donna Hinzmann, Carolyn Heidemann, Bonnie Mierendorf, Violet Topel, Marie Mertz, Linda Nee, Mary Mess, Brenda Priebusch, Jo Christianson, Kristin Wildes, Diane Fronek, James Rath, Joseph Karl, Shelley Quant, Nancy Cutting, Carlton Kutzke, Rose Budig, David Cummings, Pamela Moen, Cynthia Schroeder, Paul Sillman, Jane Harvey, Damon Tracy, Douglas Bradt, Daniel Ruenger, Shane Moen, Gordon Goers, Nathan Pyles, Edwin Morse, Ann Lee, Anna Bauer-Baxter, Bonnieta Nolan, Loretta Grossman, Aubry Hanson, Katelyn Primmer, David Mercado, Linda Zwicker, Terry Heinz, Lalura Corsten, Patricia Foht, Donald Primmer, Erin Saylor, Tara Topel, Wendy Berns, Brian Tremaine, John Miller, Melicent Miller, Pamela Korte, Barbara Sanft, Peter Silvers, Teresa Schickel, Emily Straube, Valery Silha,Catrina Schwandt, Joseph Peiffer, Lanaya Budny, Catherine Burrow, Tiagan Dahl, Sally Lynd, Gemma Giunta, Jennifer Galley, Derek Opgenorth, Travis Lawrence, Aaliyah Flores, Chloe Madden, Spencer Schmidt, Kelly Mitchell, Marissa Roberts, Michael Wasielewski, Nicole Blawusch, Donald Wegner, Sara Stoddard, Michelle Milford, Kyle Doering, Mary Bade, Melissa Schulenburg, and Jason Steinberg. Bonnie Mierendorf received her 17 Gallon Pin.

These donors were treated to a lunch donated by the Bank of Lake Mills, and sweet treats were provided by volunteers who worked the drive and they were: Joan Veith, Cindy Shroeder, Linda Zwicker, Mary Lou Hooper, Diane Fronek, Sue Buchholtz, Marie Mertz and Carol Sakar and David Cummings brought in dill pickles.

Volunteers who put up posters around the city and town were: Linda and Carl Kutzke, Kris Schneider and Norbert Peitz.

The next Lake Mills Blood Drive will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

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