Announced are the results of the blood drive held on Feb. 4, by the American Red Cross. There were 67 presenting donors, three of which were first time donors, they collected 42 whole units and 30 power red units which totaled 72 units collected which equates to 216 potential lives saved.

The donors who gave up their time to donate were: Debra Kutz, John Wells, Alan Brawders, Stephen Brockert, Bonnie Mierendorf, Marie Mertz, Mark Pickhard, Vickie Cromey, Teresa Brawders, Linda Nee, Jo Christianson, Paul Eggers, Diane Fronek, James Rath, Timothy Droster, Carlton Kutzke, David Cummings, Robert Hensler, Linda Kutzke, Kimberly Turner, Jane Harvey, Damon Tracy, Daniel Ruenger, Janice Beahlen, Rhonda Tesmer, Gordon Goers, Holly Christian, Rose Goers, Edwin Morse, Ann Lee, Larry Raupp,Carol Eck, Tim Borchert, Loretta Grossman, Darren Riskedal, Terry Heinz, Luella Burdick, Erin Saylor, John Miller, Melicent Miller, Pamela Korte, Sarah Howells, Teresa Schickel, James Morgan, Wayne Traxler, Amy Bell, Joseph Peiffer, Daniel Plautz, Gemma Giunta, Jennifer Galley, Derek Opgenorth, Brooke Pfund, William Keebler, Marissa Roberts, Donald Wegner, Jason Steinberg, Jason Benish, Melissa Polzin, Marie Ziebell, Bonnie Yount, Richard Courtois, Daniel Thousand, Debra Courtois, Jackie Schroeder, Bradley Koenig, and Virginia Simon.

The volunteers who helped serve the luncheon were: Katy Roedl, Elaine Newhouse, Diane Fronek, Billie Jo Kaden, MaryLou Hooper, Marie Mertz and Carol Sakar. The luncheon was provided by Watson”s Ace Hardware of Lake Mills. Marie Mertz, Billie Jo Kaden, Katy Roedl and Carol Sakar provided the sweet treats.

Carlton and Linda Kutzke, Norbert Peitz and Kris Schneider put up posters around the city and town advertising the blood drive.

Mark calendars for the next drive which will be held on Tuesday, April 14 from noon to 6 p.m.

Make appointments either by phone or online and as always walk-ins are welcome.

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