Ribbon Cutting

The Lake Mills Chamber of Commerce and American Family Insurance – Lake Mills cut the ribbon on the new agency last Friday morning. Pictured above, from left to right, are: Steve Meier, Carol Burrows, Warren Laube, Jenn Christian, Tyler Speth, Brad Glassel, Melissa Draeger, Katie Otto, Steve Wilke and Kevin Smith.

Last summer, Brad Glassel and Tyler Speth met at an American Family Insurance corporate meeting in Madison. Little did they know that meeting would have such a great effect on the paths of their careers.

Glassel, who has been the agent in charge of the American Family Insurance-Lake Mills location since 2008, has taken a corporate job with American Family in Madison and is ceding control of the Lake Mills agency to Speth.

A Cuba City native, Speth hadn’t worked outside of his home city until Glassel invited him to check out the Lake Mills agency at last summer’s conference.

“We were sitting, having lunch at the conference and I was really impressed with him,” Glassel said about Speth. “I told him he really needed to check out our agency because there’s so many more opportunities in this area. Being this close to Madison really helps out a lot.”

Speth started working in Lake Mills in December 2016. The new agency will be called Tyler Speth Agency, LLC.

Since Glassel began working in Lake Mills nearly a decade ago, he has slowly expanded the number of customers and the total area served by his agency. Not only does the Lake Mills agency serve the city and the town of Lake Mills, but it has branched out into the surrounding townships and even into Johnson Creek. The agency is also licensed in Illinois and Arizona and has policies all over the state of Wisconsin.

Jenn Christian, who began working for American Family Insurance-Lake Mills in 2003, said she’s seen firsthand the changes that were made when Glassel took over the agency.

“When I started here, the agent before Brad was in retirement mode. We didn’t do a lot of pursuing,” Christian said. “Brad came in and revitalized it again. He’s very involved in the community.”

Glassel still plans to remain in the Lake Mills area and said he will continue to be involved in the community.

“Community involvement is one of the things we’re most proud of here,” Glassel said. “You have to be involved in the community.

Meanwhile, the Lake Mills agency is in good hands with Speth.

“I’ve been really impressed with Tyler. He’s been a business owner and an entrepreneur in the past. He worked with another American Family agent before,” Glassel said. “He’s going to do a good job.”

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