Alvarez Martinez, Miguel A., 18, Madison, operate without valid license $124.00

Blakely, Crystal J., 41, Lake Mills, operating while revoked $124.00

Bynum, Jason Alan, 36, Waterloo, parking $35.00

Cintron, Carlos Daniel, 39, Pewaukee, non-registration of auto, etc. $98.80

Collins, Meegan Ann, 46, Lake Mills, parking $35.00

Cruse, Mickenzie Lee, 21, Cambridge, inattentive driving $111.40

Cullen, Casey Alan, 32, Lake Mills, operate after rev/susp of registration $98.80

Dembowski, David, M., 52, Deerfield, operate without valid license $124.00

Erickson, Nathan Erick, 43, DeForest, parking $35.00

Freilicher, Benjamin Jules, 31, Madison, non-Registration of auto, etc $98.80

Gammelgaard-Schultz, Rafier Harison, 19, Lake Mills, failure to file accident report $124.00

Goeschko, Norman Lars, 56, Lake Mills, parking $35.00

Hall, Nicholas James Bonner 22, Madison, operate motor vehicle without proper tires $205.90

Harris, Steffanie Ruth, 51, Mount Pleasant, parking $35.00

Heinecke, Tricia Jean, 35, Wonewoc, operating while intoxicated $911.00

Henry, Heather C., 52, Lake Mills, zone and posted limits $98.80

Hoeft, Brian C., 46, Johnson Creek, operating while intoxicated $735.00

Hoffman, Jeffrey B., 32, Lake Mills, parking private — consent of owner $35.00; parking rvs and campers $35.00

Jackson, Mary Ann, 70 , Lake Mills, parking $35.00

Kelly, Josephine Lyn, 17, Lake Mills, inattentive driving $111.40

Klas, Ian Mitchell, 25, Waterloo, operate motor vehicle without proof of insurance $10.00; operating while revoked $124.00

Lopez-Garnica, Juan Pablo, 38, Kinsville, Texas, operate without valid license $124.00

Mckelvey, Tyler Alan, 27, Lake Mills, operate without valid license $124.00; zone and posted limits $98.80

Mejia Flores, Magda 29, Monroe, parking 10 ft of hydrant $35.00

Otteson, Abbie L., 39, Waterloo, retail theft-intentionally take(<=$2500) $313.00; retail theft-intentionally take(<=$2500) $313.00

Paque, Cody A., 25, Monona, parking $35.00

Pergande, Todd Daniel 53, Watertown, operate boat at speed greater than SNW within 100 ft. of pier $86.20

Pevehouse, Rebecca L, 43, Fort Atkinson, parking $35.00

Sadler, November Rose, 17, Fort Atkinson, zone and posted limits $98.80

Salazar, Gilberto Aranda, 38, Neosho, parking $35.00

Stich, Keith A., 27, Sturgeon Bay, parking time limitation $35.00

Tarnutzer, Lance Josef, 24, Lake Mills, parking private consent of owner $35.00

Thompson, Emily Ann 37, Rochester, Minnesota parking $35.00

Torres, Leonardo Torres, 34, Marshall, operate without valid license $124.00

Villarreal, Alexandra Sky, 22, Darien, county/municipal disorderly conduct $313.00

Wehmeyer, Brett Allen, 37, Lake Mills, parking $35.00

Weiss, Emily Renee, 28, Helenville, failure to stop at stop sign $98.80

Wild, Dylan A., 26, Marshall, parking $35.00


Arndt, Jenna M, 26, Johnson Creek, parking $35.00

Arvizu-Garcia, Jesus, 42, Jefferson, operate without valid license $124.00

Austin, Ronald Lee, 49, Saint Nazianz, operating after suspension $124.00

Bartels, Nicholas David, 21, Lake Mills, failure to yield when emerging from alley $98.80

Becker, Kenneth A. JR, 27, Beaver Dam, operate motor vehicle without insurance $124.00

Brannin, Jesse James 27, Greendale, possession of THC $313.00; possess drug paraphernalia $313.00

Butler, Oliver Matthew, 17, Ixonia, zone and posted limits $98.80

Cabrera, Stephanie Marie, 29, Madison, non-registration of auto, etc $98.80

Collopy, Stephen R., 38, Gackle, North Dakota county/municipal disorderly conduct $313.00

Compere, Logan Wade, 26, Lake Mills, speeding in 55 mph zone $98.80

Davis, Rodney C., 29, Portage, operate motor vehicle without proof of insurance $10.00; non-registration of auto, etc $98.80

Dehnert, Damion D., 41, Lake Mills, possess drug paraphernalia $250.00; operating while intoxicated $861.00

Garcia Torres, Silvano, 33, Milwaukee, failure to obey traffic officer-work area $98.80

Gilleran, Thomas Eugene, 20, Oconomowoc, zone and posted limits $98.80

Gomez, Raul G., 55 , Marshall, parking $35.00

Graf, Tyler R., 23, Fort Atkinson, prohibited parking area $98.80

Habich, William Graham, 58, Cambridge, operating after suspension $124.00

Hassett, Paul Tyler, 32, Lake Mills, non-registration of auto, etc. $98.80

Hensiak, Joseph J. Jr., 53, Lake Mills, operate after revocation or suspension of registration $98.80

Holman, Corey C., 26, Sun Prairie, operating after suspension $124.00

Kagerbauer, Kyle Scott, 27, Lake Mills, speed in excess of posted notice $155.50

Kindschi, Susan Lee, 69, Marshall, speeding in 55 mph zone $98.80

Klentz, Austin John, 23, Watertown, possession of THC $313.00

Kucken, Jeryd W., 28, Lake Mills, prohibited parking area $98.80

Lacount, Matthew Joseph, 32, Cambridge, county, municpal disorderly conduct $373.00

Landisch-Rome, Jean A., 71, Germantown, zone and posted limits $98.80

Loeffler, Tifany P., 37, Waterloo, failure to yield while making left turn $98.80

Melcher, Greg D., 51, Watertown, prohibited parking area

Monterro-Mendoza, Abisai, 19 , Lake Mills, operate without valid license $124.00

Netzel, Heather Morgan, 29, Janesville, parking $35.00

Newcomb, Scot R., 68, Fort Atkinson, prohibited parking area $98.80

Rauscher, Allison P., 28, Lake Mills, non-registration of auto, etc. $98.80; speeding in 55 mph zone $98.80

Smith, Andrea Lyn, 32, Lake Mills, speeding in 55 mph zone $98.80

Smith, Gregory Lamot JR., 24, Milwaukee, Non-registration of auto, etc $98.80

Smith, Joseph M., 33, Sun Prairie, prohibited parking area $98.80

Smith, Krystle K., 31, Madison, parking $35.00

Sobek, Dakota Robert, 22, Lake Mills, operate motor vehicle without proof of insurance $10.00

Stone, Damien Tyler, 27, Marshall, parking $35.00

Turner, Royal Nash Jr., 45, Fort Atkinson, operate without valid license $124.00

Van Slett, Russell F., 68, Milwukee, speed in excess of posted notice $155.50

Veum, Amanda L., 37, Cambridge, non-registration of auto, etc. $98.80; operate motor vehicle without proof of insurance $10.00

Viscarra Suarez, Gonzalo Raul, 35, Madison, operate without valid license $124.00

Warnecke, Kristin Lyne, 36, Waterloo, speeding in 55 mph zone $98.80

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