Lehmann: Supporting the Medicaid Expansion program

Since 2011 the Republicans have refused to expand Medicaid benefits for up to 80,000 Wisconsin residents. With the election of Gov. Evers in 2018, Medicaid Expansion was included in his budget but the Republican Legislature removed it. Why? Medicaid is healthcare, a human right. Many Wisconsin families who pay high premiums with their private insurance would benefit from this program.

According to the Center for Investigative Journalism, Medicaid Expansion offers a "boatload of" benefits for Wisconsin families. Included among those benefits are dental care and treatment for opioid addiction and mental illness all of which are supported by Democrats and Republicans. Under the Medicaid Expansion program, federal dollars are allocated to cover those costs that otherwise would be paid for by state taxpayers. In addition to saving the state money, according to a New England Journal of Medicine study, lives would literally be saved.

Call Senator Luther Olsen, (608) 266-0751, and Representative Jon Plumer, (608) 266-3404, and urge them to tell the Republican Senate and Assembly leadership you want Senate Bill 361 (SB361) and Assembly Bill 394 (AB394) brought to the floor for a vote. As of 2019, only 14 states have not taken the federal Medicaid Expansion. Our state is one of them.

We, the DeForest Windsor Area Grassroots support this program.

Lois Lehmann,


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