Dekorra is now home to a Love’s Travel Stop after its opening at the beginning of the month.

Located on Highway CS near the I-39/90/94 interchange, Love’s not only brings a convenience store, gas service, Hardee’s restaurant and multiple accommodations for truck drivers to the area, but also the intention of being part of the community.

At the business’ ribbon cutting ceremony on Dec. 14, Love’s general manager Jonathan Norcross presented a $2,000 donation to the Poynette High School’s Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) integration program.

“One of the things Love’s likes to do when they open a new location is to do a goodwill gesture to say, ‘hey we’re part of the community and we’re here to make the community better,’” Norcross said.

Norcross said he met with district administrator Matthew Shappell a few weeks before the ceremony and asked what the needs of the district were.

“We got to talking about the STEAM program, so we choose to donate to that, because education is very important,” Norcross said.

Shappell said the district’s goal is to integrate STEAM throughout appropriate units and classes.

“For example, this integration can be a single unit where our students develop, design and create parts on a 3D printer to make a project car more efficient or a quarter-long class centered on robotics, game design and basic programming,” Shappell said. “These generous funds provided by Love’s will add equipment for our secondary art students to help them design and create using technology and engineering skills.”

‘Clean places, friendly faces’

Love’s aims to operate by its motto, ‘clean places, friendly faces,’ which is the key to their success, according to Norcross.

“That’s kind of the big draw that separates Love’s from the competition,” he said. “We want that consistent service that every time you stop at Love’s, whether it’s in Oklahoma or Wisconsin or Florida or anywhere else, that you’re going to get the same friendly people and the place is always going to be clean.”

Norcross said the reaction of the community about the stop opening has been enthusiastic.

“The reaction has been very positive from all of the local people I’ve encountered,” he said. “People have been waiting for us to open.”

Those individuals didn’t have to wait as long for Love’s to open as was anticipated, however. The stop was set to open on Dec. 22, but instead opened its doors on Dec. 1.

“The store was going so well,” Norcross said. “Construction and permitting were going good. Everything was just falling into place, so they said, ‘hey, let’s open early.’”

Mirroring the positive reaction of the community, Norcross said they’re glad to be there.

“We’re glad to be a part of the community,” Norcross said. “We do our best to offer fair value and competitive prices and get people back on the road quickly.”

The new Love’s also brought with it approximately 60 jobs. Norcross said many employees are residents of nearby areas, from “five minutes down the road” to Portage and Lodi.

Norcross also noted that although they have filled many of the positions at the new location, they are still seeking applicants for a few and are always accepting applications.

To learn more about Love’s or jobs available, visit

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