There’s new medicine on Main Street and it’s coming from Nature’s Health and Wellness, a CBD oil store selling a variety of products for pain, anxiety and more.

The owner, Larry McGee, has been telling people about his CBD products since Memorial Day weekend and has been able to turn a few people into return customers. While some days are slower than others, he said the shop has been doing well so far.

“You can’t give up after your first two months,” McGee said. “You have to continue to fight. I like the location, I like the city, everyone around. It’s great to have this type of environment.”

This is McGee’s first time running a CBD oil shop — and the first of its kind in Lodi — after previously running a food business at Camp Randall Stadium. A total knee replacement prevented McGee from doing any more physical labor and he found himself learning more about CBD.

Now he and his family work the shop and sell CBD in a number of forms, from the oils to balms, candies and nose sprays. He also sells hemp flowers as well as vapors. Along with these, people can also buy bath bombs and bath sand, although there’s no CBD found in these products.

McGee said the experience he’s had with most of the customers is that they have shopped outside of Lodi and they are enjoying a closer location. He said it’s also important to hear their experiences and issues to find what product is best for them.

“The customers are the most educated in the field,” McGee said. “You have to listen to them about what is the best thing in your store that fits for them.”

On the flip side, he finds people who are fearful of CBD or “don’t understand it too well,” possibly stemming from a confusion between CBD and THC—the active compound in marijuana.

McGee said he’s seen customers coming back into the store to tell him about how their back pain has disappeared, their blood sugar has lowered or talking about how much better they feel.

“A Construction company guy came to get some oil,” he said. “He took it and came back the next day and said he felt like dancing.”

McGee said he’s hoping to get more people informed about “how helpful this is to the human body.” He also said if people can’t make it into the store, they’ll deliver the products to the customer.

Nature’s Health and Wellness can be found at 108 S. Main St. in Lodi. People can call the shop at 608-592-0443 or stop in Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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