John Plumer on non-partisan redistricting

The office of 42nd Assembly District Representative John Plumer-Lodi stated in a recent phone call that he is undecided whether he supports fair non-partisan redistricting.

The Wisconsin State Journal endorsed him on June 3, 2018 in the Special Election, in part, because of his "open mind and strong priorities-including … supporting non-partisan redistricting...." Plumer’s office stated the newspaper was mistaken, he has not taken a position said his aide. Even today, Plumer is listed as one of only two incumbent Republican legislators who in 2018 reported to Common Cause of Wisconsin their support for nonpartisan redistricting reform (specifically, the Iowa Model).

When questioned about his stated support, Plumer’s office said he would take a position on the issue when a bill was brought to the floor. He must know that redistricting reform bills have been introduced several times by Democratic legislators in recent years. Republican leadership has not allowed these bills out of committee.

Does he really think Speaker Vos will hold a vote on fair redistricting while at the same time he leads the Republican fight against fair maps in the courts?

According to the recent Marquette Poll, 72 percent of Wisconsin residents favor non-partisan redistricting reform. It appears that while campaigning, Representative Plumer favored redistricting reform but once elected he is not so sure. Has he realized that he, like many other Wisconsin Republican legislators, is safe in a gerrymandered district?

I am asking Representative Plumer to correct the record on this issue. Do you or do you not support non-partisan redistricting reform? If yes, what will you do to make this a priority? If no, voters deserve an explanation as to how both the Wisconsin State Journal and Common Cause of Wisconsin were mistaken in believing you did support redistricting reform?

Elizabeth Koehl,


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