Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Michelle Commings, left, and her husband Scott put together a prototype bed of what the final look of the Sleep in Heavenly Peace bunk bed will look like. The Lodi United Methodist Church mission team will be building 20 beds at 9 a.m on Saturday, Aug. 17 at the Lodi Fairgrounds.

A Lodi United Methodist Church mission team is looking to making sleeping a little more peaceful for children in the area as they plan to build beds for local kids in need.

The project is part of the Sleep in Heavenly Peace non-profit organization that builds beds for children who may not have one of their own. The church’s mission team decided to take up this effort as one of their local projects for the year.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace works by organizing volunteers who then build the wooden beds to be either children single beds or bunk beds. People can request to receive a bed through the organization’s website. The beds are then delivered once they are finished, free of charge.

Michelle Commings, a member of the Lodi mission team, heard about the organization through her sister and found a chapter of the organization based in Portage, which has delivered beds to people in Lodi in the past.

“The Lodi United Methodist Church try to serve locally, nationally and globally,” Commings said. “We decided this would be one of our good local missions.”

The mission team received a donation of $3,000 from a member of the congregation in their will, which they used to purchase materials for the beds, and the other $500 is used to purchase pillows, sheets and bedding. Commings said they are planning on building 20 beds.

She said the hardest part about creating these beds is convincing people there’s a need. Commings said she’s heard stories from Portage chapter President Brian Scheibach about mayors being in disbelief about kids sleeping on the floor, until they went and delivered a bed a few houses down from the mayor’s.

“...Doing our mission’s work and helping out families in need, we knew there was a need, no question there. It was just a question of how can we reach these families, how can we help them out?”

Commings said Scheibach has delivered half a dozen beds to the Lodi area so far. The Lodi mission team has already received a number of requests for the upcoming bed build. The 20 beds will be delivered to whomever requests one in the area, not just in Lodi.

There will be a building session with the 12 mission team members and Portage chapter members happening 9 a.m. Aug. 17 at the Lodi Fairgrounds. Anyone in the community is able to participate. Commings said “there is literally something for everyone to do.”

People can request a bed at by using the Lodi zip code. If a person does not have access to a computer or internet, they can call Reach Out Lodi at 608-592-4592 to make a request.

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