Columbia County 4-H

Columbia County 4-H delegation to 2019 Wisconsin 4-H Fall Forum. Front row: Taylor Baerwolf (Columbus) and Charlene Wendt (Cambria). Middle row: Ashton Brusveen (Cambria), Anika Baerwolf (Columbus), Allison Monfort (Portage), Michaela Stewart (Poynette). Back row: Mara Kolberg (Poynette), Medora Richards (Lodi) and Logan Bahr (Poynette).

Wisconsin 4-H Fall Forum, an opportunity for youth and adult volunteer leaders to attend a statewide training weekend, was held in November with nine Columbia County 4-H youth and one 4-H adult chaperone attending. The event was planned by the Wisconsin 4-H Leaders Council (WLC) of which Taylor Baerwolf, of rural Columbus and a Columbia County 4-H member, is a representative. The WLC is a team of elected youth and adult volunteers from across Wisconsin. They are supported by county and state 4-H staff as they work to fulfill the purpose of the Wisconsin 4-H Fall Forum which is to:

  • Provide an educational opportunity for youth and adult volunteers
  • Develop youth and adult partnerships
  • Create an engaging and welcoming environment to facilitate discussion between counties and regions
  • Provide an opportunity for youth and adult volunteers to be involved in the planning and evaluation of statewide programs
  • Encourage diversity of thought, perspective, interests, and people
  • Promote strategies for youth and adults to reach underserved and underrepresented groups.

The other youth in attendance from Columbia County 4-H included Anika Baerwolf (Columbus); Logan Bahr (Poynette); Ashton Brusveen (Cambria); Mara Kolberg (Poynette); Allison Monfort (Portage); Medora Richards (Lodi); Michaela Stewart (Poynette); and Charlene Wendt (Cambria). Jenny Baerwolf (Columbus) served as the group’s adult 4-H chaperone. Each member of the Columbia County 4-H delegation received sponsorship from a Tom Waterworth Memorial donation made earlier in 2019. The family of Mr. Waterworth, a Columbia County 4-H alumni, wanted to support an educational event that 4-H youth in Columbia County might benefit from and Fall Forum fit the criteria. The memorial sponsorships were welcomed by the youth attending.

For more information about this and other Columbia County 4-H programs, please contact Pat Wagner, 4-H Positive Youth Development Educator in the Extension—Columbia County Office at 608-742-9685.

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