Pickle: Every legal vote should be casted and counted

In an article in the WSJ this week an election clerk provided information to paper that all votes should be counted and records should be reviewed often to insure that all names are legal.

I could not agree more, except I would add the term “legal” in front of names. We live in a mobile society and people move, die, do things that get them in jail and they lose their right to vote. Is there a process that those who verify that someone’s life has ended and a process for notifying agencies who are concerned, such as Social Security, DMV, welfare. IRS, medicare and other government agencies with verification and cross checked?

If not, I believe that there should be. In my opinion it should be done on an annual basis by villages, townships, cities, counties and states and the clerk’s office in that municipality should be in charge.

When someone becomes a legal U.S. citizen they should be encouraged to register and vote. When someone leaves a community, state or country and changes legal status it should be recorded and the voter needs to change to the new municipality to vote.

I wish that 100% of our citizens would vote but having dead people or people who have moved vote in one in which they are no longer legal is wrong and should have penalties with teeth. When more votes are cast than registered voters in the municipality something is wrong and action is needed before any election not after.

John H. Pickle, Jr.,


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